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Music & Aroma Therapy

Included in the price of all  Birth Packages

The application of music & essential oils in pain management has become popular in the past two decades.

I make an effort to match your physical, mental, and emotional status with music

Benefits of Music Therapy:

  • managing pain during labor

  • reducing anxiety

  • promoting a positive birth experience

  • increase sense of control during childbirth

Women who receive music therapy during labor report feeling less fatigued, less anxious, and more in control of their experience. They also
report experiencing significantly less pain (Fulton, 2005). Music played during the birth may include music familiar to the client (as agreed upon an earlier date). You may also choose to use guided imagery and music (GIM).


Essential oils: A pain management alternative for labor and delivery

Essential oils can help with stress during labor

Some of the most common oils used for aromatherapy during labor and delivery are:

● Eucalyptus - to help with breathing

● Lavender - to instill feelings of calm and peace

● Citrus, such as orange - as a mood lifting and stress releasing help

● Peppermint - which can help control nausea

Essential oils can help women manage pain

Essential oils can help reduce sensations of labor pain, as well as nausea, vomiting, and headaches. Some of the most common oils used to achieve pain management with aromatherapy are:

● Chamomile

● Clary sage

● Ginger oil

● Lavender

Sleeping Baby

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