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Birth Story

Tell your Birth Story in a visual way!

Receive 20 to 25 edited digital photos that can tell

YOUR UNIQUE birth story in a visual way, and that you can print, post on social media, and share with family and friends.

Included in the 'Moms Favorite Bundle' & the 'Elite' Package or $599 a la carte


(you'll also receive all other unedited photos taken)

Why hire a birth photographer?

Your are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. On the big day, you will be fully present in the moments surrounding your labor and birth, coping with the intensity of each contraction; feeling your partner or doula's comforting support and encouragement; hearing your baby's cry and seeing their face for the first time; holding them in your arms... And as you are rightfully present in all of those moments, there are others you may wish to see later and share with your family/friends, like the tension leaving your face as your birth team relieves your pains; your own joyous face when you meet your baby; your partner full of pride as your baby enters the world for the first time; your relief as the post-birth hormones surge and you realize that you did it - your life and family are forever changed!!

You won't want to miss or forget these feelings and moments of the day your family grew. The best way you can capture and preserve those life-changing memories is by having a birth photographer.

"I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn't photograph them during your labor..."   


Sleeping Baby

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