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My goal as a Doula is to help mothers experience a positive and safe birth; to help their partners stay involved and informed; and to be there for the family's comfort & emotional needs.


- Certified Birth Doula (Madriella)
- Certified Postpartum Doula (Madriella)
- Infant CPR & First Aid certified 
- American Pediatric Association Safe Sleep certified 
- Trained in Hypnobirthing 
- Masters in Public Health

-Maternal & Infant Health work experience

- Fluent in Spanish & Portuguese

- Over 18 years experience caring for infants

- Placenta Encapsulation Speacilist

-Experience with births at home, birth-centers, & hospitals

My Passion

I believe babies are a treasure, and that they bring a little bit of Heaven with them as they join our families. I am passionate about helping families feel empowered, and heard during birth and once they bring their new baby home.

Sleeping Baby

Send me an email so we can set up a Free Consultation!

I would love to be a part of your birth team!

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